Types of aero-medical transfers:

Evacuation: It is the one that is done from the place of emergency to a hospital.

Interhospitalario: It is the one that is made from one hospital to another.

When is the patient eligible for an aero-medical transfer?

When the emergency occurs in a remote area where there is no medical care available and the patient's condition is delicate.

When the patient has been evaluated in a hospital and doctors determine the need to transfer the patient to another hospital for a treatment of greater complexity to the exixtentes in the hospital where they are.

On what aircraft will the transfers be made?

Aeromedical transfers shall be made on fixed wing aircraft within the national territory and such aircraft may only land and take off on lanes authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama and are safe for operation.

What are the hours of operation of the aircraft?

At airports or runways with lights and air traffic controllers, evacuations can be performed between 6AM and 8PM. In tracks that are not provided with lights, the evacuations can be done until the sunset and in the mornings with the sunrise.

When is coverage effective?

The coverage for the aero-medical transfer service will be effective 30 days after the date of affiliation to the service.

What services does it include?

Transfer by air in aircraft configured for air ambulance according to the patient's diagnosis. Specialized medical personnel and equipment according to the patient's condition. Transfer of the patient by ground ambulance from Albrook airport to any hospital within the metropolitan area.

Who does it cover?

The service only covers the named contractors.




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